I’m awoken, involuntarily
but not by an alarm.

I’ve risen, unwillingly
but not by distractions.
I’m awake, because of these fantasies.
I wake, because of these nightmares.
These representations, and emotions
are so intense, so complex,
Such dark imagery, and vivid pictures
roll out myself with confusion, fascination,
Ascending with a gasp,
piling out of bed with questions.
This can’t be real, but then comes realization.
Oh it’s just a simple figment of my imagination, but why this imagination?

Lately I have been sleeping in more,
and I think it’s because of these elusive dreams.
I heard there is some kind of weird activity with the planets on outer space. There was a headline a few weeks ago that Mercury is in retrograde, which I’m not sure how that would affect my sleeping pattern. Could this really be a possibility?

Photo by https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a8/A_monk_is_asleep_in_his_chair_dreaming_of_being_offered_food_Wellcome_V0040841.jpg

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